It doesn't take a disaffiliation to experience conflict or inner turmoil within a local church.

If you've paid attention to denominational news over the last few years, you’re aware of the division within The United Methodist Church. You might be experiencing that division first hand. No matter the reason, if your church is navigating conflict or what feels like a church split, we’re here to support you with our new, FREE, downloadable resource called, “Your church split. Where do you go from here?”

This tool, developed by the Innovation Lab, will guide you through a series of crucial questions for this season of your ministry. You'll also find tangible next steps you can take to discern who God is calling you to be in this next season. 

This resource is for your church if:

  • You've lost a subset of worshippers due to conflict,

  • You're experiencing a difficult leadership transition,

  • You’re dealing with challenging relational dynamics among members,

  • You're wrestling with questions of identity and mission,

  • Or you're simply unsure of who your church will be now or what to do next.

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What's your next step?


The Innovation Culture Index will help you uncover truths about your church's current culture.

This valuable resource measures your church’s culture in nine key areas that will impact your ability to reimagine ministry moving forward. You’ll uncover what you need to know about cultural strengths and areas for improvement so you can navigate innovation effectively.

Through the ICI, you'll learn about the church's current mindset, structures, relationships, and habits to help you approach the next season of ministry with intentionality. Paired with our Common Culture Interventions Guide, your church will be able to take actionable steps to foster a culture that is fertile ground for innovation.

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Discover the people in your current community with the Community Discovery Package.

Division within a church can fundamentally alter who is involved. Have you taken time to listen to the people in your current community to learn about the struggles, fears, and stresses they are facing? Now is the perfect time to uncover these truths and the beauty, abundance, and many ways God is still at work in your community. 

The Community Discovery Package will guide you and a small group of participants in your faith community over the course of one month to listen deeply, cultivate curiosity, and view your surroundings through new lenses.